Work Hard & Be Nice To People

Work Hard & Be Nice To People

  • 20"w x 29"h
  • 18lb Colorplan paper
  • Frame not included

On a macro level, we’re pretty sure that this Anthony Burrill poster could increase the GDP, stop congressional filibustering, and return America to much of the world’s good graces. On a micro level, this quintessential office accessory creates a rally cry for teams and organizational cultures looking to focus on what’s most important. Printed on heavy black Colorplan paper, each unumbered edition is printed in a block foil and signed in pencil.

Please call 1 888 749 7003 or email [email protected] for project inquiries and color swatches.

51 x 76 cm (20"x 29") 

In stock: ships in 1 week
In stock: ships in 1 week
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