• UV-stable powder-coat finishes resist fading, chipping, and flaking
  • Exclusive to Heartwork
  • Shadow-proof Whiteboard doubles as a magnetic surface
We liken workspace accessories to a gap-toothed grin or a well-placed mole: they’re minor details, but they make all the difference. To uniquely personalize your studio or office—without erring towards cutesy or corporate—we’ve designed a small selection of accouterments based on requests and inspiration from clients. From monitor stands with the simplicity of modern sculpture, to artwork that speaks volumes, to ghost-free whiteboards, Heartwork accessories serve up the singularity you seek.

Solid No. 1 Monitor Stand

Perforated No. 1 Monitor Stand

Keep It Simple Frameless Whiteboard

Work Hard & Be Nice To People

Who Dares, Wins Neon

"Multi-functional, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful in its simplicity."

2 Richelle Nolan, Managing Director
IA Interior Architects, Portland, OR

"Heartwork is changing the game when it comes to office furniture."

2 Daniel Epperson, Senior Designer
Rapt Studio, San Francisco, California

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